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Computer and Laptop Registration and Reservation Page

Read Instructions Below or Scroll Down and Click LogIn

If You see extra security verification's like, click okay to cookies.  You can choose to Click Okay, then proceed or you can ignore it.  Cookies are not necessary to proceed.  At anytime if you are having any issues with this reservation page please call us at 678-414-3616.

PC or Laptop Users enter your reservation below!  If this is your first time making a reservation with EDWARD you can choose to create an account by clicking on the arrow next to <--LogIn, or you can choose to start entering a reservation, or if you have an existing account just LogIn .  Then go to reservation and begin entering your information. 

If we are picking you up at an airport like Savannah SAV, Jacksonville JAX, or Brunswick BQK, please choose Airport PU or DO  in the drop down, pick up, or drop off, then enter the Airport Code or Airport and Airline Code or Airline as well as the flight number.   This helps us track your flight and we'll be able to know if your flight is on time or delayed.  This saves you money from being charged wait times. 

Please also tell us how may people and pieces of luggage you are carrying.  This helps us pick the correct vehicle for you comfort.  By creating an account you will be eligible for future savings.

Once complete you will receive through email a copy of your reservation.  If anything looks incorrect please text or call us immediately. 678-414-3616.